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1. Before you use your BONX Earpiece

1-1. Accessories and names of earphone parts

The BONX Grip package contains the following items.
A. The BONX Earpiece Body
B. Earloops (S/M/L)
C. Earbuds (S/M)
D. USB Cable for charging
E. Tin Carry Case
F. Product Warranty
G. BONX Sticker
H. Manual

1-2. About BONX application

This device works together with a smartphone application (BONX App). BONX App was designed for iOS and Android phones respectively. To download the application, please use the link below.

  • iOS Store
  • Google Play Store
1-3. About Online Manual

Operation of the BONX App is subject to change in accordance with the updates of the BONX App. For the latest method of operation, please check the online manual. * How to access the manual from the web * How to access the manual from the app: Open "ACCOUNT" page from the menu, and choose "Manual".

1-4. BONX Earphone parts names and functions

①Multifunctional Button

  • Press this button for 1 second to switch on the Mic "Mute".
  • When not used together with the BONX App, Multifunctional Button could be utilized for receiving/disconnecting incoming calls.

②Volume Button

  • You can adjust the volume by separate single clicks. The volume adjustment has seven steps.
  • Continuous 1 sec press switches on the "Stand-by Mode".


  • S/M/L 3 different sizes included.


  • S/M 2 different sizes included.

Battery charging Port

  • To charge the BONX Earpiece, please connect the microUSB Cable to the port.

Power Button

  • Information on how to operate the Power Button is included in the section "2-1. Operation of the Power Button".

LED Light

  • Flashing pattern and color of the LED Light indicate status of the power ON/OFF. For detailed information, please refer to the "2-2. LED Flashing".

Serial Number

  • It is a unique ID that identifies your BONX Earpiece.
  • When connecting a smartphone to the BONX Earpiece through Bluetooth, please check the ID accordingly.
  • For details about the pairing method, please refer to the "5-2. Pairing the BONX Earpiece with a Smartphone".
1-5. Opening the package

When you open the package, the BONX Earpiece, M size earloop, S/M size earbuds will be in the upper part. Remove the urethane cover to reveal the accessories such as the S/L size earloops and microUSB cable.

2. Basic Operation

2-1. Operation of the Power Button

1. Power ON/OFF:
To turn on the BONX Earpiece, simply press the Power Button for 1 sec. The Green LED light will turn on for 1 second. To turn off the device, please press the button again for 1 second. The LED light will turn Orange for 1 second.

2. Transition to a forced pairing mode:
The device would automatically switch to a Pairing Mode after it is turned on for the first time. When it doesn't turn to a pairing mode automatically, please swith to the forced pairing mode. To switch to the Pairing Mode manually, please press the Power Button for 6 continuous seconds. The LED light would flash Green and Orange alternately.
* After confirming the power is on, please press and hold the Power Button.

3. A Connection History Reset
If you require a connection history reset, please press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds after the device is turned off. The LED light should alternately blink Green and Orange colors before it turns Yellow for 1 second.

2-2. About LED Flashing

Power on: Green LED lights up for 1 second
Power off: Orange LED lights up for 1 second
Pairing: Green and Orange LED lights flash alternately
Connecting to a smartphone: Green LED Flash in 7 second intervals
Low battery: Orange LED flash
Charging: Orange LED lights up
Charged: Green LED lights up

2-3. Charging Method

BONX Earpiece is rechargeable. To charge, open the rubber back cover of the device. Insert the microUSB Cable to the charging port on the back side. It will start charging once connected to a personal computer or other electric device.

2-4. Firmware update

Firmware updates are sent regularly whenever new features are added or bugs are fixed. You can get the new update either by plugging in the microUSB Cable to the PC, or by connecting to the smartphone application wirelessly. For more information, please follow the guidance from the BONX App.

3. Let's get started

3-1. Downloading the BONX app

To talk to the members of your group using the BONX earpiece, you must download the BONX app. Anyone can download the BONX app for free. To download the application, please use the links below:

  • iOS Store
  • Google Play Store
3-2. Differences between users of BONX earphones and those without earphones

People who do not own the BONX earpiece can also download the application to try out the group chat function, although a BONX earpiece purchase is needed to access all the features available.

Please note that the BONX app cannot be used with earphones or headphones other than the BONX earphone.

3-3. About the devices the BONX app supports

The BONX app can be used with iPhone 5 phones running iOS 8 or later, Apple devices developed after the iPod touch 5th generation, and devices running Android 4.3 and later.

For information on whether the app runs with various Android devices, please check the link below (last updated Dec.18, 2015) The information will be updated as we confirm whether devices can run the app.

For detailed circumstances of Android device operations, please view "10. About Operations Check for Android Devices."

4. Attaching the BONX earphone

4-1. About the size of the earloop

The BONX package comes with earloops of 3 different sizes and 2 different earbuds. You can mix and match these parts and attach the BONX earpiece to your right ear.

M size earloop is already attached to the BONX device. Please choose and interchange the correct size earloop according to your ear size. The Size of the earloop is shown on body of the earloop in alphabets as illustrated in the drawing. ( S/M/L)

4-2. About the variety of earbuds

An earbud is not attached to the BONX device at the packaged stage. As there are S and M two different sizes, please choose the one that fits your ear holes. The size is given in the earbud body in S and M alphabets as illustrated on the drawing.

4-3. Putting together your BONX earphone

After you have chosen the best fitting earcap and the earloop, please attach them to the BONX earpiece.

After selecting the optimum size, pull the loop into the bigger circle of the BONX device body as shown on the picture. Then hook the rest. Earloop should be mounted so as to fit the outer perihpery of the BONX earpiece.

4-4. Attaching the BONX earphone to your ear

Follow the steps below to attach the BONX earpiece to your ear.

1. Make sure your BONX earpiece is facing the right direction. The diagram shows the correct way to attach the earphone to your right ear. Follow the steps below to attach the BONX earpiece to your ear.

2. Pull the ribbed part of the earloop and hook it over your ear.

3. Adjust the earloop so the loop is secure behind your ear. Your entire ear (including your earlobe) should be sticking out of the earloop.

4. Press the BONX earbuds gently to the recess of your ear.

5. If the BONX earphone stays put even when you shake your head, there is no problem. If the BONX earphone is loose, please use a smaller earloop or bigger earbud. Attaching the BONX earpiece may be difficult at first, but it will become easier once you learn how to do it.

5. Connecting your smartphone to the BONX app via Bluetooth

5-1. Turning your smartphone's Bluetooth on

First, make sure your smartphone's Bluetooth is turned on.

If you have an iPhone, turn Bluetooth on from the Settings screen.

If you have an Android phone, it depends on the model or OS version. For most Android phones, you can follow the same step as the iPhone and turn Bluetooth on from the Settings screen.

  • iOS

  • Android

5-2. Connecting the BONX earphone to your smartphone

Once you turn your smartphone's Bluetooth on, turn on your BONX earpiece.

The LED light on the earphone will begin flashing orange and green 5 seconds after you turn the BONX earphone on for the first time, and the earphone will enter pairing mode automatically.

Once the earphone is in the pairing mode, select the BONX earphone from the list of Bluetooth devices on your smartphone. The name should be listed as "BX2******"

The ****** is engraved on the lower part of the back of the earphone which is revealed by pulling the rubber cover off.

Once you pair the BONX earpiece successfully, the earpiece will automatically connect to your smartphone every time you turn on your BONX earpiece.

If a smartphone that was previously paired with your earphone is not found within 5 seconds of turning the earphone on, the earphone will automatically enter pairing mode again.

5-3. Starting BONX app

Once you turn your smartphone's Bluetooth on, turn on your BONX earpiece. Once the Bluetooth® connection is completed, start the BONX app. Sign up according to the guidelines from the application.

5-4. Signing up to the application

To start the conversation, please go to the BONX app. Please sign up either by your e-mail or Facebook account.

If you are signing up newly via e-mail, please enter desired password and your e-mail address and press "Let's Go" button. In order for a Let's Go button to appear, please enter a password that contains both numerics and letters. Next, please fill the required information accordingly. In case you already have an account, please press the button "Already have an account? Log in" button on the lower part.

When signing up with a Facebook account, please press the sign up with Facebook button at the bottom of the screen. Please enter your address and password that you use for Facebook and press Log in.

If you are already signed in to Facebook on smartphone web browser or Facebook Application, then signing would be automatically filled. In case the sign up is unsuccessful, please refer to the tutorial screen. Please enable the push up notifications, Bluetooth and Microphone access to enjoy the group conversation.

6. Group conversations on the BONX app

6-1. Creating a conversation group

By creating a group conversation using BONX app, you can communicate with friends free of charge.

In order to start the conversation, you need to create a group inside the app consisting of the friends whom you would like to speak with. For details, please refer to the below on how to start a group conversation.

6-2. Scanning for friends nearby

Upon starting the BONX app, " Create Group" screen would be displayed. On this screen, candidates for the group talk would be visible. Below list is the description of the different candidate types.

1. NEARBY LIST: People who are within 10m of you and have already started the app (even in the background) will show up automatically in the scan. If you cannot find a friend who is near you, push the ① button and scan again. Please note that you cannot find a friend who is scanning at the same time.

2. RECENT LIST: A friend who has called recently would be shown here.

3. FACEBOOK FRIENDS: If you have logged in through a Facebook account, your friends on Facebook using BONX would be displayed here.

6-3. Searching for a friend not in a list

For friends who are far away, or friends that do not show up in the scan, Direct ID search is available.

For doing so, please just input your friends ID to the ID SEARCH tab on the top left, and click search.

To check the user ID, tap the menu icon on the upper left of the screen. Go to the Account page and the user's unique ID will be displayed under the user icon. Please input in the search window. Now your friend would de displayed.

6-4. When using the history

You can access a group conversation from the past from a History Tab. In addition, it is possible to re-join the previously left group conversation, so long as the group conversation is still active. When group the conversation is still active, the call mark is displayed in Green. If the call mark is displayed in Grey, it means that all the group chat members have left the room. You can tap and re-invite them to the conversation easily.

7. Starting a conversation

7-1. For owners (person creating the group)

When you select members from the List, the user name will change to green. You can invite up to 10 people to the group conversation.

Once you have selected your friends, press a START button to invite them to the group conversation. If all group members press the "Start" button simultaneously, the group will not be created correctly.

7-2. For people other than the owner

When you are invited to the conversation, a pop up screen will appear indicating Accept or Decline buttons. When you accept, the conversation would start automatically. As soon as you join the conversation, profile voice will be played to all members of the group.

8. During a conversation

8-1. How to talk

Talking with the BONX app is very simple. Some additional functions are available too.

When you want to talk, all you have to do is to talk out loud. BONX detects your voice and automatically starts delivering your voice to your group. You will hear what other are saying automatically.In addition, calls on BONX app include functionality that allows you to turn voice off similarly to a two-way radio and to adjust noise with a noise filter. For details, please view "9. BONX app detailed instructions".

The initial name of the conversation is given the name of the person who sent the invitation. To change the conversation name, please click on the pen on the right side of the conversation name when you are on the call.

8-2. Mute

When you don't want your voice to be transmitted, you can mute your microphone by pressing the multifunctional button for 1 continous second. You can still hear others while you are on microphone mute mode. When you prefer not to hear what others are saying, you can press the volume button for 1 continous second to set the Stand-by Mode. Please note that on Stand-by mode, your voice is still transferred to group members.

8-3. Ending the conversation

Once you finish talking to your friends, swiping the "Swipe to leave" message on the BONX app screen wil let you exit the room and end the conversation.

9. Other functions

In the BONX app, other functions as confirmation of account information, change of settings, adding members to the conversation etc. could be accessed.

9-1. BONX earphone icon

BONX Earpiece Icon on the upper right corner of the screen shows the connection mode between smartphone and the BONX earpiece.

Green: Connection is successfully established.
White: Scanning for a device to enable the connection.
Red: Connection is disrupted or not established.

After connecting the BONX device with the smartphone, please check if the icon turns green. Even after you connect the device to the smartphone, if the icon doesn't change from White to Green, please try to reconnect from the beginning. For futher details press on the link below.

9-2. Account Screen

If you tap on the menu tab on the upper left corner, you would be directed to the account page.

If you tap on the photo tab, you can upload a profile picture.

To change the user name, please click on the name part.

By clicking on the e-mail tab, you can change the e-mail address you used when signing up.

By clicking on the Company tab, you can check the latest info or updates of our website.

Manual tab, would direct you to the online manual.

Terms and Conditions of the BONX app use could be accessed on the Terms of Service tab.

Privacy Policy could be checked on the Privacy Policy Tab on the Account page.

To Log Out from the application, please press on the Logout tab on the Account page. To log in again, press "Already Have and Account? Log in" button on the lower part of the sign up screen.

9-3. Group Call Screen

The icon or profile pictures of the members who accepted the group talk conversation would be displayed in normal colors, while the ones who haven't yet accepted or offline would be displayed blurred. When members accept the invitation and joing the conversation, green voice image would appear.

The gear icon in the lower left of the screen is the settings button. Tap this to change voice call settings in BONX app.

1. Voice Navigation ON/OFF
When friends in a call leave the group or enter an area with poor signal the voice navigation will notify you. This setting is initially switched on.

2. BONX Earphone Button Operation ON/OFF
When this is switched off BONX earpiece main button and volume buttons will temporarily stop functioning. To use these buttons once more, change the switch to the ON position.

3. Push to Talk Mode ON/OFF
When switched ON, your voice will only be heard in calls while the main button on BONX earpiece is being pressed. This function is convenient for very noisy environments and for use similar to a two-way radio.

4. Noise Filter Strength
By moving the noise filter slider, you can adjust the amount of surrounding noise cut out from the microphone. When surrounding noises are being picked up or when you cannot hear your friend's voice well in a call, the conversion will proceed more smoothly if the person whose voice is not being picked up moves this slider on their smartphone.

Button on the bottom center of the call screen is the mic mute button. When you press the mic mute button, your voice would not be transmitted to the group members. When someone is on the mic mute mode, there would be mute signed displayed on the lower right corner of the profile picture.

Plus icon on the bottom right of the screen is a button for adding new members to the conversation room. To create a conversation room tap on plus icons displayed near each members on the Facebook, Recent or Nearby list.

9-4. BONX Earpiece Battery Remaining Check

When the battery remaining in BONX earpiece is low, BONX app will notify you with voice navigation or with a beep when the app starts up.

You can also check the battery remaining in BONX earpiece from the screen of your smartphone.With iOS it is displayed in the Notification Center shown when you swipe the screen from the topmost part of the screen to the bottom. With Android it is displayed in the notification bar at the top of the screen inside the BONX app.

9-5. Other functions

For additional available functions, please check the update from time to time.

10. About Operations Check for Android Devices

The BONX team is currently testing BONX earpiece and BONX app on the following Android devices to confirm their operation. Please check back for updates.
The team has confirmed proper operation on Apple devices running iOS 8 or later, on iPhone 5 for later, or with iPod Touch 5th generation or later. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that these products will work on the iPad.

Manufacturer Device Type Name Verified OS Version Operation
Samsung Galaxy S6 5.0.2
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active 6
Samsung Galaxy Active Neo 5.1.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4.3
Kyocera Torque G01 4.4.2
HTC Desire 626 5.1
Sony Xperia Z1 4.4.2
Sony Xperia Z3 5.1.1
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 5.1.1
Huawei Nexus 6P 6.0.1
Freetel 6
Freetel 5.1
Freetel Priori 3 5.1
Freetel Priori 3S 5.1
ASUS Zenfone 3 6.0.1
Sharp AQUOS EVER SH02J 6.0.1
Fujitsu arrows SV F-03H 6.0.1
Sharp Softbank 509SH(シンプルスマホ3) 6
HUAWEI P9 lite 6.0.
LG Disney DM-02H 6.0.1
SONY Xperia X Compact 6.0.1

※ ◯: Problem Free Use Level. △: Some Problems But Still Usable Level. ✕: Proper Operations Not Guaranteed Level.

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