Better work communication
with Zero inefficiency

BONX WORK is a one-stop, on-site communication solution that maximizes team performance.

*The image of the iOS app.


everything you need
to eliminate
inefficiency on-site.

Empower deskless workers by freeing their hands,
reducing inefficiency, and revolutionizing the way
they communicate and work on-site.


What can be achieved with ZERO inefficiency.

Increase productivity

With BONX WORK, we’ve saved at least one minute of response time in multiple scenarios. In total, it’s been very effective in optimizing our work.
Furuya RyokanHotel business

Enhance safety

Being able to check on each other's status instantly allowed us to create a safe and caring work environment. Peace of mind is crucial for maintaining safety.
Yamato Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.Manufacturing

Improve educational outcomes

We believe that improving performance requires giving constant feedbacks. It’s great we can manage and educate employees through BONX.
Flagship store of a sports brand Retail

Boost employee satisfaction

When I need assistance, I can use BONX to ask for help to my coworkers who understand the situation. It lets me work feeling supported.
All Nippon AirwaysAviation

Maximize customer satisfaction

We were able to reduce the waiting time for billing which resulted in our clients leaving the clinic sooner. It is a great outcome for both our clients and their pets.
Natura animal hospitalVeterinarian

Features & functions

Everything you need in one app
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One tap and hands-free. An easy way to connect.A convenient way to connect.

Designed for on-site deskless workers who require voice communication. Hands-free and push-to-talk at your fingertips.

  • Amount of communication

    3 times

Size of communication optimized for you.Within a Room, between multiple Rooms, with specific people

Bring every conversations to your ears. Whether it's with everyone in the Room, across Rooms or with specific people you'd like to connect with. You can initiate a conversation anytime you need.

  • Number of rooms and individuals/team members

*Depends on your contract plan. Please contact us for more details.

Being connected during work removes worry and adds fun.Chat and Text-to-Speech

Whether at the main office or at a job site, you can share images and documents simultaneously on the app. BONX can even read your text out loud in your room.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Representative

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

Sending the image allows for instant understanding at a glance. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Replay your conversations from the databaseAudio recording & transcripts

Conversations can be transcribed into text. You can review it real-time or hear it again afterwards. It’s perfect for environments where mistakes can be critical.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Representative

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

Being able to listen to the audio later allowed me to verify the information at any time.

*This image is a display of the iOS app.
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    Integrate your everyday tools and applications with BONX WORK to create your own solutions.

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    Visualize and understand your on-site activities based on communication quality and patterns.

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    BONX Anywhere

    We can set up a system according to your security requirements, even in places like outer space where there is no Internet.

  • SSO via SAML Authentication

    By linking your current ID management service with BONX WORK, you can use BONX WORK without having to manage new authentication information.

  • Device management

    Ideal for customers who want to enhance security aspects, such as not wanting to allow the use of personal devices or wanting to prevent access from unknown devices.