BONX Launches in the US


BONX, the Japanese technology company founded by avid snowboarder and outdoorsman Takahiro Miyasaka, is proud to announce its formal entry into the U.S. and Canadian for outdoor enthusiasts. BONX is a revolutionary communication device that allows active users to be in touch clearly with no area limitations.

Successfully crowdfunded in late 2016, BONX Grip is a state of the art Bluetooth earpiece that enables cellular network-based group communication with up to 10 users – anywhere in the world. This BONX Grip product predominantly targets outdoor athletes and adventurers across running, snow sports, biking, cycling, fishing, climbing, airsoft and more.

“Based on my own experience snowboarding around the world, I recognized there was a universal need for better hands-free communication, enabling enjoyment of the outdoors with no distractions of pulling out a phone from a pocket or dangling ear phone cables. The scope of the opportunity was only strengthened via strong interest from international distributors at tradeshows and excitement from global top-tier athletes”, says Founder and CEO Takahiro Miyasaka, “We chose North America as the first step of our global expansion, because of the variety of sports and activities everyone participates in. As a brand innovating the way people go out and play, we found the Pacific North West to be the best fit, as this is where technology and the great outdoors call home.”

“This Wearable walkie-talkie could change the way we experience outdoor sports.”
– Venture Beat

BONX Grip is a hands-free, Bluetooth earpiece connected to an original smartphone App, allowing users to switch between personal music and incoming calls with one single touch. The device is water resistant, shock resistant and made to ‘grip’ the ear, staying put during rigorous outdoor activity. Dual microphones with multi-layer wind and noise reduction technology ensure crystal-clear speech, and only transmit voice when a user speaks, preserving battery and minimizing cellular data usage. The open-back earphone ensures safety in all environments by allowing the user to hear surrounding noise.

Each unit is equipped with multiple size earbuds delivering ultimate comfort and functional performance. BONX Grip may be purchased via the brand new global website and at select retailers worldwide. BONX Grip is available in four colors and retails for $139.95 USD.