BONX Inc., the cutting-edge Bluetooth earpiece and proprietary group-talk communications app, is thrilled to introduce an exciting new iOS feature specifically designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with a knack for video editing. The new feature, titled “BONX Stories,” allows users to film videos directly via the app and capture the relevant chat between all users in the group chat, regardless of distance.

The overlay of real-time chat and video is a unique feature, as most video filmed by popular handheld recorders only captures the sound closest to the person filming; any conversation happening between subjects being filmed in the distance simply doesn’t make it to the traditional microphone. As a solution, BONX Stories produces a real-time video and audio recording of the group in the moment, highlighting reactions and emotions during epic shared rides and adventures — no matter how far away the participants are from one another.

Real-Time In-App Video and Audio Recording

At present, due to operating-system-related constraints, it has been largely impossible to launch a separate app and shoot videos while using either a smartphone’s telephone function or the voice-chat features found in many messaging and chat apps. Now, in response to requests from users, BONX has taken the lead in making it possible to shoot videos while using its app. This feature will appear on the iOS version of the app first. It is scheduled to be added to the Android version shortly thereafter.



Solving a Content Producers Problem

Before now, filming videos with voice commentary from friends (the ones being filmed) at a distance would generally involve impractical methods, such as getting them to yell from far away or post-editing and overlaying the audio in later. BONX Stories solves this problem, allowing you to create immersive videos in a variety of situations with the use of a single app.

This feature allows you to include in your video all of the speech that happens over BONX as you film, no matter how much distance there is between you and your friends. You are also free to choose whether or not to include any of the sound coming from the background in your video. This means that you can include the ambient sound for a greater sense of realism or add music of your choosing after the filming is done (separate app required for editing) to produce videos that pop. The only limit on the fun you can have is your imagination. In recent years, and among the smartphone-native generation in particular, there has been a growth in interaction using video on social media. BONX Stories can be used not only for scenes from the outdoors, but also as a tool for sharing extraordinarily unique videos with friends.

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