Go make noise with BONX as you ride.

The detailed state of the road, those “let’s pick the pace up” conditions, the scenery unfolding before your eyes,
and conditions and emotions that can’t be conveyed just with handsigns can be shared verbally in realtime.
Even in a race with constantly changing conditions, team orders and the timing of pit stops can be conveyed,
and you control the situation.

BONX is designed so that you can hear sounds from your environment properly, and completely hands free,
so without taking your hands off the handlebars, a safe back and forth exchange is possible.
Even a fall or a puncture can quickly be conveyed to your friends,
so it’s safe even for a long ride first timer.
You can enjoy the thrill of the ride safely.

The new riding experience that was always just out of reach is here.
Grab BONX and get out to the mountains and towns!