“You okay? Keeping up?” “Yea, I’m managing!”
Use it once and you’ll never go back! Talk as you ride with BONX.

Have you ever wanted to use more than hand signs when you are cycling? Well now you can. BONX lets you talk to friends when you are cycling. It’s so easy your friends feel like they’re right next to you. BONX will make your cycling life a lot more enjoyable! Let’s take a look at this amazing new technology. What is BONX, anyway?


  1. What is BONX?
  2. Enjoy casual conversations like never before!
  3. Get detailed information in real time
  4. A powerful tool for racers
  5. Ride stress-free and hear only what you want!
  6. Great for MTB and fun rides too!
  7. FAQ
  8. Famous cyclists who use BONX

What is BONX?

BONX is a brand new communication tool that leverages the power of the Internet.

Connect your BONX earpiece to the smartphone via Bluetooth

Make a talk room on BONX app,

Now you can enjoy riding and talking hands-free with 10 people at a time no matter how far apart you are!

Here is how BONX works. The BONX earphone connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth. Then, your phone uses the Internet to connect you with all your friends.

Here’s what you may be asking: “I see. That sounds interesting. But how good is BONX, really?” To answer your question, let’s take a look how specifically BONX can be helpful for cyclists.

Enjoy casual conversations like never before!

“This pace is just right for me.”
“I guess that means it’s time to speed up, haha.”
“No way!.”

Voice activity detection (VAD) allows you to chat with your friends hands-free. Traditional tools like walkie-talkies require you to take one hand off the handlebars, press a button, and then bring your hand back.

BONX lets you keep a firm, two-handed grip on the handlebars so you can chat and cycle safely.

Get detailed information in real time

“Do I go straight?”
“Yea, straight. Then use that space to make a U-turn.”

“I’ll shift to the left. Then you come in front. Let’s keep rotating.”
“Got it.”
“Hurry up and get in front… Yea, just like that.”

BONX lets you precisely communicate details that hand signs cannot.

“Are you following me?”

Even at high-speed, the dual microphones of BONX unit cuts out the wind noise and other ambient noise. You can speak with clear sound without having to look back. You can also immediately let your friends know if you are split from them because of a traffic light or something.

A powerful tool for racers

BONX is great for serious racers as well.
Take enduro racing for example. Enduro racing is long,and there are player substitutions during the race. Therefore, team communication is a key to win. By using BONX’s two modes of talking, team can keep everybody on the same page and have strategic communication anytime . (Note: We obtained permission to use BONX and take photographs before the race.)

“Is eleven-one a mixed team?”
“Eleven is SEMAS. Yes, they’re a mixed team.”

Here we see a guy in the pit touching BONX Earpiece while he is talking to his team mate This function is called PTT (push-to-talk). With this function, your voice only reaches your team when you press the main button of the BONX earpiece. This lets you use BONX like a conventional walkie-talkie.

In the pit, there are a lot of conversations that racers don’t need to hear. It would be a distraction for him to hear constant conversation. By having the pit to use Push-To-Talk mode and the raer to use the handsfree mode, the cyclist and the pit can communicate comfortably and effectively.


“The first (train) is ten seconds behind you!”

During the race, members in the pit can also share detailed information such as the distance from the following racer so that you can race more strategically. Furthermore, our proprietary algorithm cuts out the sounds of breathing. Many of ouru sers have told us they love our attention to these little functional details.

Ride stress-free and hear only what you want!

BONX Grip looks like it is airtight on your ear. However, it is actually an open-ear earphone. Therefore, you can hear ambient sounds and keep your sense of balance intact during cycling.

BONX Grip is water resistant and shockproof, with a battery lets you talk for seven hours. Also, because the rubber is soft and you can choose the size of individual parts, the earpiece is comfortable to wear for a long time.

Great for MTB and fun rides too!

Of course, BONX isn’t just great for road racers. It’s great for casual cyclists too. For example, you can use BONX to enjoy a relaxed chat while on a sightseeing tour. With BONX, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost after you get separated at a traffic light.

For mountain bikers, you’ll be able to hear your friends shouts of “Yay!”, “Wow!” or “You’re the best!” from 100m away when you pull off that sick move. Talk about exciting!


Are you still wondering how good it really is?
Let’s answer some of the common questions.

“Can I talk in headwind?”

As mentioned earlier, BONX has VAD (voice activity detection). This means that no sound is transmitted when you are not talking. Generally, you will not hear wind noise from other BONX earphones. Thanks to our proprietary wind noise reduction system casual cyclists will have no problem talkin. However, competitive cyclists may find some difficulties with voice pick up at speeds above 30-35km/h. At speeds above 40km/h, it becomes very difficult to pick up your voice. But Don’t worry! We are currently working on some accessories to help solve this problem.

If you are in a very noisy situation and you cannot hear clearly even at the maximum volume, you can turn on “speaker boost” from the app’s talk settings menu to further increase volume. Please note that this will make noise louder as well. For details on the talk settings menu, see the following link.

“What about on mountains and other places with poor signal?”

If you enter an area where your smartphone has no signal, you will be temporarily disconncted from the talk room. However, you will automatically reconnect when you find signal again. This means you won’t have to pull out your smartphone to rejoin. However, if you are in an area where you constantly gain and lose signal, your friends may hear frequent voice notifications which might get annoying. In such a case, try turning off voice notifications in the talk settings.

“Can I use BONX earpiece with a helmet?”

There should be no problem with a half helmet used for road cycling. However, if you use full-face helmets such as those for mountain biking, you may find it difficult to put on and take off your helmet. We recommend you to test at the local store before purchasing. Furthermore, if you are having problems with accidental button presses, you can disable the earpiece button from the talk settings menu.

“Do I need at least two people to use BONX?”

That’s right. In order to use BONX app’s group talk function, you need at least two people who own a BONX Grip. However, you can also use the BONX Grip like an regular Bluetooth headset to listen to music, make calls, listen to your GPS, etc.

Famous cyclists who use BONX

First, let us introduce BONX ambassador Brandon Semenuk. Brandon is the true leader of the world of freeride mountain biking. His talent in filmmaking is also phenomenal. His YouTube series Life Behind Bars has over 27,000 subscribers. He has many fans across many disciplines. “BONX is a useful tool for those of us doing MTB and rallies,” he says. “I’m looking forward to pursuing the possibilities of this product.” We look forward to making awesome content with Brandon as BONX’s global ambassador.

Next is the Dutch UCI WorldTour road bike team, LottoNL-Jumbo.Timo Roosen has trained with the system. “It makes it easier to communicate in training. Bonx recognizes when I speak, so I don’t have to push a button. In this way, I can focus on the road.”
He also acknowledges the added value of the system in races. “It will be effective in finals. Especially in the sprint when communication is really important. It’s hard to understand a shouting teammate while riding a bike because of the hard wind.” The quality of the sound is good, Roosen said. “We understand each other better, so it will work well in races.”

How’s that? BONX plays a big role in the cycling world!

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