“I’ve got a hit!”
“Really?! Take it slow and don’t let it get away!”
Catch more fish with BONX, an evolutionary leap in communication equipment for group fishing!

Have you ever gone fishing with your friends only to find yourself fishing alone, wondering to yourself whether they’ve caught anything but not wanting to leave your spot?

BONX can help. Not only is it very convenient, but it brings you an entirely new and fun experience of talking with your friends as though they were right next to you! Let’s find out more about this wonderful technology that no angler will want to go fishing without!


  1. So what is BONX?
  2. Fishing at different spots but talking as though you’re right next to each other!
  3. Sharing information to help each other land fish
  4. Providing safety for fishing beginners
  5. Safe to use in rain and wind!
  6. Can be used as a normal earphone-mic combo
  7. Frequently asked questions
  8. Fishing celebrities who use BONX

So what is BONX?

BONX is a brand new communication tool that leverages the power of the Internet.

Connect your BONX earpiece to the smartphone via Bluetooth

Make a talk room on BONX app,

Now you can enjoy riding and talking hands-free with 10 people at a time no matter how far apart you are!

Here is how BONX works. The BONX earphone connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth. Then, your phone uses the Internet to connect you with all your friends.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: “I see. That sounds interesting. But how good is BONX really for me?” To answer your question, let’s take a look how specifically BONX can be helpful for cyclists.

Fishing at different spots but talking as though you’re right next to each other!

“Ah, it’s a small one”
“Let’s hope a bigger one comes your way”

BONX has limitless range as long as your phone has reception. You won’t need to yell anymore to get your friends’ attention while fishing on the riverbank or seashore. You can talk to them normally as though they’re right beside you no matter how far apart you are.

“Whoa! I’ve got one! I’ve got one!”
“What! Really?! Is it a big one?”

Even if you’re far away, you can share the moment of a hit instantly while leaving your hands free to work. BONX uses voice activity detection (VAD) to start transmitting automatically as soon as you speak, so you never have to worry about pressing buttons.

When using walkie-talkies or cell phones to communicate, you used to have to take a hand off the fishing rod, take your phone out of your pocket, make a call, talk, and put it back into your pocket; it was a big hussle. Imagine you get a bite during while you are doing that. By the time you get both hands back on the rod the fish would have already slippedaway, or in the worst case scenario you could drop your phone into the water in your hurry to put it away.

With BONX you can concentrate on your fishing while staying in contact with your friends in other areas.

Sharing information to help each other land fish

“How’s it going over there?”
“I’ve been getting plenty of bites, but…”
“Try aiming a little closer.”

“It’s coming out! To the right! To the right!”
“I see it! It’s on the right!”

BONX isn’t only for having a fun chat while out fishing, it also allows you to share information to help you increase your catch. Which spots are good, which lures are good, what range is good, what kind of action is good—being able to share information with your friends while you are engaging in continuously trial-and-errors is a distinct advantage.

By using BONX you can get constant updates from your friends and use that to adjust your approach, giving you better hope in your next move.

Providing safety when you bring beginners fishing

“Slide your feet so you don’t step on stingrays.”
“Ok! It’s so much fun by the way!”

BONX is useful when taking beginners fishing in terms of both enjoyment and safety. For example, wading can be very fun, but also full of dangers such as stingrays, currents, tides, and darkness of night fishing. With BONX, however, you can enjoy completely hands-free conversation and check their safety immediately without having to take your phone out.

The earpieces are made of soft rubber, so you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable or heavy, and they won’t get in the way of your casting and retrieving at all. The earphones have long-lasting batteries which allow for 7 hours of continuous talk, so there’s no worry about running out of power; instead you can concentrate on comprehending the ever-changing situation right in front of you.

Safe to use in rain and wind!

“Ugh, where did this evening shower come from?”
“Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.”

BONX earpieces are water resistant and shockproof, so even if it starts raining while you’re fishing you don’t need to worry about them getting wet. You should be careful not to drop them and submerge them in water, though. Luckily, BONX comes with 2 sizes of earbuds and 3 sizes of earloops. Once you find the right fit, they’ll almost never come off.

You’ll also encounter very windy days when you’re out on the open sea. In such situations, the dual microphones on the earpieces are able to cut wind and other noise significantly so you can enjoy a clear conversation with your friends.

Can be used as a normal earphone-mic combo

In addition to using BONX with the app for a group chat, the earpieces can be used like any other regular Bluetooth headset for catching phone calls or listening to music. Even when you’re fishing alone, you can use them to enjoy your favorite music or radio programs.

Furthermore, BONX Grip is in fact an open-type earphone. Although it may look as though the device completely blocks the ear canal, you can still completely hear ambient sounds, so you can listen keenly to the changing sounds of the river or sea while also enjoying your music.

Frequently asked questions

“But can you really use it?” you may ask. Let’s look at some common questions.

“Is there reception at fishing spots?”

In general there is reception. If you venture into remote places, reception might be quite spotty. For sea fishing, reception is surprisingly good even 10-20 km offshore, and BONX can be used without issue in most cases. For activities like wading and sea kayaking, in which you don’t go too far from the shore, you can use BONX almost anywhere without having to worry about reception.

If your smartphone loses reception and you are temporarily disconnected from the talk room, as soon as you regain reception you will be automatically connected back to the room, so there’s no need to take out your phone to do so manually. However, if you are in an area where you constantly gain and lose signal, your friends may hear frequent voice notifications which might get annoying. In such a case, try turning off voice notifications in the talk settings.

“How long do the batteries last on BONX earpiece and on my smartphone?

It depends on the model of phone and how you use it. We have heard that some older phone models may run out of charge before the BONX Grip does (up to 7 hours of continuous talk). If possible, we recommend bringing a small power bank with you so you don’t need to worry about the battery of either your phone or BONX Grip.

“Will the earpieces be okay if I drop them in water?”

BONX has a rating of IPX5, which means it’s water resistant. It has no problems with rain, snow, or sweat, but it is not completely waterproof, so dropping an earpiece in water may be the cause of damange. Also, although each earpiece weighs only 15g, they will not float on water, so please be careful. However, you can choose the earpiece size that fits your ear, so once you put them on they will almost never fall off.

Fishing celebrities who use BONX

First is BONX ambassador, Kenta Kimura. Kenta is a bass angler from Japan who also competes with top anglers in U.S. He also leverages his experiences to provide guide services around Lake Biwa and give feedback to lure manufacturers. He gives high praise to BONX, saying:

“I don’t have to worry about wind or rain, and I can concentrate on fishing while staying in contact with my friends in other areas. Whether for bank fishing or boat fishing, I see BONX bringing lots of innovation to group fishing.”

Next is Patagonia fly-fishing ambassador, Junichi Nakane. Junichi is a multi-talented professional angler who also does graphic design, illustration, and writing. He says about BONX:

“I no longer need to call out in a loud voice to get my friends to hear me along the riverbank or seashore. By staying in constant contact with my friends, I can get updates on their status and use those to make adjustments to my next move.”

What do you think? We think that BONX will be a very popular communication tool for fishing in the future!

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Play hard with BONX!

  • Junichi Nakane
    Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador
    Now I no longer have to raise my voice when trying to get my friend’s attention and get them to turn around in the river or sea.
    Having my friend’s status constantly update via BONX is really useful for correcting my approach, maximizing the expectation of a new method.