Go make noise with BONX when fishing.

Going fishing with your friends doesn’t actually mean you get to enjoy fishing together.
But, with BONX in your ear, no matter how far apart you enter the water, you can enjoy fishing as if you were right next to each other.

You don’t need to raise your voice to overcome the sounds of waves and torrents.
Just by whispering, you can instantly communicate how much bait you have, the strength of the flow, and the number of bites.

It’s completely hands-free,
so even if both hands are busy holding the rod,
there’s no problem as long as your smartphone is in your pocket.

Reactions to a catch can be shared in real time.
Your friends quickly come running with cheers, high fives, and fist pumps!

A new fishing experience to be enjoyed with your friends.
Grab BONX, and get out to the rivers and seas!

  • Junichi Nakane
    Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador
    Now I no longer have to raise my voice when trying to get my friend’s attention and get them to turn around in the river or sea.
    Having my friend’s status constantly update via BONX is really useful for correcting my approach, maximizing the expectation of a new method.