Go make noise with BONX when you are shredding.

You somehow manage to get your smartphone out with your numb hands and right then the battery dies… That’s the worst, and now, it’s a thing of the past.

With BONX, there’s no more losing friends or missing each other as you’re always connected through your voices.

It’ll make you feel like the huge snowy mountain is a single party room.
From the chairlift, you can shout “Jump there!” to your friend already heading down the mountain.
“How was your speed?” to your friend who’s already jumped the kicker.
“Great turn just now!” to your friend who’s boarding for the first time.
Get cheers the moment you pull something off.
Hear the laughs the moment you fall over.

Even when dad is taking the oldest son along for skiing,
he can be connected to mom in the hotel room watching the younger child.
With BONX you can get more from your family ski trip.

A new experience of chatting with your buddies while snowboarding and skiing is here.
Grab BONX and get out on the mountain!

  • Kazuhiro Kokubo
    STONP/Professional Snowboarder
    When I’m in the backcountry building my own kickers, I can hear the other members while they are filming and deciding on camera angles in different places. I love how we can communicate so easily.